Sunday, August 26, 2012

It Can't Happen Here...Or Can it?

You say it can't happen here. You say not in this country. You say that all of these people are conspiracy theorists and crazy. Really? But, do you know everything that has happened in the last 8 months? Let's see if you really do.

Did you know that Obama signed into law a bill that says you can be detained basically at will without representation, without a fair and speedy trial indefinitely? Did you know that you can be detained for speaking your mind if you are speaking out about Obama? Did you know that you can actually wake up tomorrow morning and find out that Obama has suspended the constitution, shut down all communication including the internet and stopped all travel along any roads and he can do this by declaring a national state of emergency? In fact, did you know that under recently signed orders, he can declare martial law without there actually being an emergency?

Did you know that recently the Department of Homeland Security purchased 1.2 BILLION rounds of ammunition, and almost 3000 armored personnel carriers, along with as many bullet and chemical resistant road side checkpoint buildings?

Did you know that if Obama is reelected and has his way, he wants to take control of ALL MEDIA? You will be watching STATE RAN TV and only what they want you to see. You might have internet but it will ban anything they don't want you to see. He wants to take your freedom of speech, your freedom of religion, hell, he wants your freedom.

Did you know that he just signed a bill saying that there must be equality in discipline given in school systems? What does that mean? That means if there are more black or Hispanic children getting in trouble and less white kids, then the white kids have to receive equal discipline for the lesser infractions so it equals out. This is a system of punishing the good and praising the bad.

Did you know that he wants a system where anyone who makes anything more than the poverty level will be taxed higher and higher until they can't be taxed anymore so that this money can be given to the poor or those who do not wish to or bother to work? He wants the entire country on welfare and state aid. There's a method to his madness and he does NOT care about you. He is laughing at you. He's not about your interests. He's all about himself.

Did you know that he wants to change your national anthem? That he wants to redesign the American flag? That he wants to downsize the military to the point that we can no longer be aggressive? That he wants to make us all socialists. No country has ever thrived under socialism but that's what he wants.

Have you read his books? You should. Have you seen the 2016 movie? You should. Everything stated here is true. It can be proven.

He admits he has participated in flag burning ceremonies, as has his wife. He admits he's never had a job and got everything he has through affirmative action. Is this really someone you want to call your leader?

You say none of this can happen here? Look at all the devastation that has occurred in four years... what do you think the next four years will look like?


  1. Interesting stuff. Can you provide the references?

  2. Doug, since your comment is not listed as Anonymous, I will answer it. Yes, I could list the sources or references here, but I'm not going to, for two reasons: 1.I'm not anyone's research analyst. And 2. If you find this info hard to swallow, then look it up for yourself. If you believe I'm wrong, prove it to me. Too many of us are not doing enough of our own due diligence. Too many of us rely on spoon fed pablum from the media, who in this case refuses to vet their candidate properly. All the points in the article above are there for the asking, if you know where to look. I suggest starting with search engines and see what comes up. I think you'll be amazed at what you'll find; I was. Also, as suggested, read his books and watch the movie 2016. Very enlightening. What points of order are you most interested in?

  3. The plan is even more insidious than you mentioned. It is one world government and/or a global caliphate. Read the United Nation's PDF documents, the plan is to 'levelize' the world economies. IMF global currency. Read George Soros' Open Society plan. It's a Left wing conspiracy, right out in the open. Obama has to bring America down to Second and ultimately Third world status in order for them to achieve their goal. If they get their way there will be one government body, the UN, Fabian Socialists and central bank, one military, one world of communism and military policing. Physical money will be no more. Cards will be issued with your rations and they will know everything you purchase, all your medical records, everything about you. Children will only attend public schools and be indoctrinated to love and obey their masters. Dissenters will be killed. It gets worse. And it's all true and backed up by their own words and actions.



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